Monday, February 19, 2018

Also On Another Note...

For the underground fans, I've spoken with King JC aka J. Cage (I finally got in touch with him) and he hooked me up with some of his albums/mixtapes that he dropped over the years.  I finally have the Volumes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and exclusively his Volume 17 My Curse (11 After 32), but I won't put that one out there cuz it's not fully finished yet, but I must say, this album is probably one of the hardest album that I have ever heard out there, like real talk man.  This is super, super bumping out the frame!!  I hope that he put this one out one day on a record label, I also have his cassette tape of his MaxiSingle Albuquerque Luv (extremely rare).  With that being said, to all of those who may have had his other volumes but refused to hook others up, I'm giving ya'll the bird.  That's why I have Volume 17 and ya'll don't, now!!  Anyway, I'm not gonna be like these guys and I'll hook ya'll up with these Volumes that he gave me on another post, so be on the lookout for the volumes that's not out there like that, much luv 2 da real folks, and I'm out!!!!!


What's going on ya'll? DaCoolOne is here, I know it's been a long time since I posted some stuff but first off I wanna say welcome back viewers! I've been going thru a lot of things musically, I've been making music and all that stuff and I have a good surprise for ya'll as well, but in the meanwhile check out my mixtape called Reenlistment 2 Musik. Hope you like it! Also, if you like as well, feel free to leave any feedbacks about the mixtape, whether it's good or bad.  Catch ya'll on the next post!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Playa Fly - Movin' On

1. Intro
2. M-M-M
3. Situation
4. Movin' On
5. Start Runnin'
6. I-B-N
7. Still Iz On
8. Nobody
9. Luv Da Hay
10. Funk N Bock
11. Write Some Bump
12. Outro

You should have this album mane

Memphis Undaground Hustlaz

1. Bring On The Noize
2. The Idle Mind
3. Til The Clip Is M-T
4. Nuthin But G'z
5. Busta Free
6. DJ Diz Speaks pt.2
7. Real Hustlaz Everywhere
8. Roast That Bitch
9. Pop The Nine
10. Ghetto Pimpin'
11. Breakin' Bad
12. Hidden Track

Memphis Gangsta Walkin', Vol. 1 (2002)

1. Make Em Walk
2. Come Buck With Me
3. All You Wanna Be's
4. Crunk!
5. Walk Wit Me
6. The Dirtiest
7. "P Ta Da 3rd (Posse Junt)
8. Walk!
9. Demons Be Gone
10. Get It Krunk!
11. Don't Make Us Rumble
12. We Are The Pimps
13. Get Up
14. Down In The Valley
15. Put It Down 4 Your Home

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dixie Home Posse - Da Dirty Down South

1. Intro
2. Ashes 2 Ashes
3. Down South Ballin
4. Straight To The Hotel
5. Niggaz Wanna Knock Me
7. We Smokin'
8. Strictly Business
9. We Do It Like This
10. I Have No Love 4 Eyes
11. Dirty Down South
12. Big Shout Outs
13. Thats The Way
14. Better Recognize
15. Trapped In The Ghetto
16. Street Life
17. Got To Have A Reason

Gangsta Blac - 74 Minutes Of Bump

1. Keep It Real
2. Duck Yo Azz
3. Hard On Me
4. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
5. Skit
6. Big Ole Moves
7. Wan Cha
8. Blood In, Blood Out
9. Drank & Dank
10. S.O.U.T.H. Parkway
11. Weed N White
12. Skit
13. Reela Den Most
14. On It All
15. Actual Telephone Message
16. Call Me
17. Sometime
18. Celebrate
19. Oo Ya